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Your Christmas or Mine? 2022

It's Christmas Eve-Eve. At Marylebone Train Station, an excitable young couple, HAYLEY TAYLOR and JAMES HUGHES burst through a throng a passengers eagerly heading home for Christmas. James is going to be bored out of his mind in t...

Category: Comedy

Stars: David Bradley, Wendy Mae Brown, Asa Butterfield

6,8 IMDB Rating 16 Views
Pee-wee’s Big Holiday 2016

A fateful meeting with a mysterious stranger inspires Pee-wee Herman to take his first holiday ever in this epic story of friendship and destiny.

Category: Adventure, Comedy

Stars: Paul Reubens, Jordan Black, Doug Cox

6.1 IMDB Rating 2,047 Views
Brian and Charles 2022

After a particularly harsh winter Brian goes into a deep depression; completely isolated and with no one to talk to, Brian does what any sane person would do when faced with such a melancholic situation. He builds a robot.

Category: Comedy

Stars: David Earl, Chris Hayward, Louise Brealey

6.7 IMDB Rating 27 Views
A Merry Christmas Match 2019

Corey who works in her mom's antique shop, puts on a Christmas pageant in honor of her late father. When a man named Ryder visits her store, she wonders if she should have left town to follow her dream of becoming a theater director.

Category: Comedy, Drama, romance

Stars: Ashley Newbrough, Kyle Dean Massey, Lindsey Gort

5.8 IMDB Rating 45 Views
Sex: Unzipped 2021

Rap superstar Saweetie hosts a celebration of sexual health and positivity, with help from expert educators, candid stand-ups and uninhibited puppets.

Category: Comedy, Documentary

Stars: Saweetie, Joel Kim Booster, Michelle Buteau

2.9 IMDB Rating 781 Views
A Hollywood Christmas 2022

A successful Christmas movie director begins living her own Christmas movie when a handsome network exec shows up threatening to halt production on her latest film.

Category: Comedy, Family, romance

Stars: Jessika Van, Josh Swickard, Anissa Borrego

6,0 IMDB Rating 42 Views
Snowmance 2017

Each year Sarah builds her "Snow Beau" snowman with her best friend Nick. After another breakup, she begins to wonder if she'll ever find true love of her own. A little Christmas magic brings her Snow Beau to life.

Category: Comedy, Drama, Family, Kids

Stars: Ashley Newbrough, Jesse Hutch, Adam Hurtig

5.2 IMDB Rating 2,855 Views
The Confirmation 2016

A divorced father and his eight-year-old son are about to spend a somewhat predictable weekend together, nevertheless, when a valuable toolbox gets stolen, the search for the thieves will soon turn into a true family bonding.

Category: Adventure, Comedy, Drama

Stars: Clive Owen, Maria Bello, Jaeden Martell

6.4 IMDB Rating 32 Views
Double Team 1997

Counter-terrorist Jack Quinn misses his target, Stavros, on the eve of his final mission. From there, he is sent to "The Colony", a rebirth for presumed-dead assassins. He breaks free from there, and seeks the aid of Yaz, a weapons dealer, for his final battle with Stavros.

Category: Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi

Stars: Jean-Claude Van Damme,Dennis Rodman,Mickey Rourke,Paul Freeman

4.6 IMDB Rating 3,485 Views
Christmas Time Is Here 2021

Nia is a local realtor who is helping Julian find the ideal property to expand for his upscale property developer company. Julian sets his eye on Nia's family owned inn that is managed by her father who wants to sell and retire. J...

Category: Comedy, Family, romance

Stars: Rukiya Bernard, Dewshane Williams, Tom Pickett

5.8 IMDB Rating 13 Views
Small Town Christmas 2018

A high-flying female novelist from New York takes a trip to the small town that inspired her latest best-seller.

Category: Comedy, Drama, romance

Stars: Ashley Newbrough, Kristoffer Polaha, Preston Vanderslice

6.7 IMDB Rating 10 Views
Get a Job 2016

After college, Will is having problems getting a good, lasting job, as are his roomies, his girlfriend, and his just-fired dad.

Category: Comedy

Stars: Miles Teller, Anna Kendrick, Bryan Cranston

5.2 IMDB Rating 3,176 Views
Love Destiny: The Movie 2022

Destined couple, Bhop and Gaysorn, have their love and beliefs challenged in the midst of savage threats during the expansion of colonial rule.

Category: Comedy, History, romance

Stars: Tanawat Wattanaputi, Ranee Campen, Paris Intarakomalyasut

6.8 IMDB Rating 51 Views
Christmas Full of Grace 2022

Carlinhos catches his partner cheating, then meets lively Graça, who poses as his new one so he can save face at Christmas with his traditional family.

Category: Comedy, romance

Stars: Monique Alfradique, Marianna Armellini, Nando Cunha

4.1 IMDB Rating 16 Views
A Star For Christmas 2012

A Hollywood bad boy movie star comes to a town far away. He gets a job in the back of a bakery as he likes the recently dumped owner/baker and her cupcakes. He's in a movie filmed there in December.

Category: Comedy, Drama, romance

Stars: Briana Evigan, Corey Sevier, Karissa Vacker

5.1 IMDB Rating 24 Views
A Beginner’s Guide to Snuff 2016

"A Beginners Guide To Snuff" is a pitch black comedy thriller in the vein of early Coen Brothers films.

Category: Comedy, Horror, Thriller

Stars: Joey Kern, Luke Edwards, Bree Williamson

4.9 IMDB Rating 3,219 Views
Ticket to Paradise 2022

A divorced couple teams up and travels to Bali to stop their daughter from making the same mistake they think they made 25 years ago.

Category: Comedy, romance

Stars: George Clooney, Sean Lynch, Julia Roberts

6.3 IMDB Rating 1,572 Views
Hail, Caesar! 2016

A Hollywood fixer in the 1950s works to keep the studio's stars in line.

Category: Comedy, Mystery

Stars: Josh Brolin, George Clooney, Alden Ehrenreich

6.3 IMDB Rating 3,048 Views
Dad’s Army 2016

The Walmington-on-Sea Home Guard platoon deal with a visiting female journalist and a German spy as World War II draws to its conclusion.

Category: Comedy, War

Stars: Mark Tandy, Russell Balogh, Andrew Havill

5.2 IMDB Rating 71 Views
Candy Coated Christmas 2021

A rich L.A. marketing executive heads to a small town during the Christmas season to arrange for the sale of a property she owns, unbeknownst to her tenants.

Category: Comedy, romance

Stars: Molly McCook, Aaron O'Connell, Lee Garlington

5.9 IMDB Rating 64 Views